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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

Black bear crossing road The Coming Climate Exodus: What We’re Doing to Help Wildlife’s New Migration

Peter Pearsall, Cecilia Garza   |   Mar 01, 2013

As climate change forces species to head for cooler climates, biologists are using new tools and partnerships to make sure we help—and don't hinder—their flight.   MORE »


Women's toboggan race You’ve Come a Long Way, Feminism (But You’re Not There Yet)

Ruth Rosen   |   Mar 01, 2013

In the 1970s, women called for abortion rights, universal child care, and equal pay. Those rights, plus one new one, still stand in the way of women’s equality today.   MORE »

Photo by Adarsh Upadhyay What the Oscars Can Teach Us About Elections That Work

Rob Richie   |   Feb 25, 2013

Academy Award-winners are selected by algorithms that allow voters to rank candidates in order of preference, selecting backups if their first choices lose. What if we elected our leaders that way?   MORE »


HeraldPost After the Sequester: Can We Create Better Jobs for Military Employees?

James Trimarco   |   Feb 27, 2013

The sequester could result in the first significant cuts to the military budget for years. If it goes through, let’s make sure we avoid mass unemployment by training these veterans to work in growing industries.   MORE »

Shift Change Filmmakers: Cooperative Businesses Bring Democracy to the Workplace

Mark Karlin   |   Feb 22, 2013

In their new film, Shift Change, filmmakers Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin take viewers on a worldwind tour of the cooperative economy.   MORE »


Behind the Kitchen Door Book Cover Behind the Kitchen Door: A Must-Read for Anyone Who Eats at Restaurants

John Cavanagh, Robin Broad   |   Feb 25, 2013

Review: More than half of the nation’s worst-paid jobs are related to food. Saru Jayaraman’s new book dives into the explosive movement for better rights for those who plant, process, and cook the food we eat.   MORE »


Quote graphic Reader Craig Loftin writes …

“OK I am totally on-board with this... I’ve moved my money to credit unions, and have done business with credit unions, both federal and community, for years, and try to only shop locally in employee-owned and operated businesses. But I haven’t been able to find a financial advisors who can help me find vestments that are consistent with this concept... Help!”   

The Economy: Under New Ownership


Puget Sound Tribe Plans for Rising Seas

Feb 25, 2013

Video: The Swinomish tribe could lose up to 15 percent of their land on low-lying Fidalgo Island to climate-change related sea level rise. They’re working with planners to make sure they can survive—and thrive—in the region’s changing climate.   MORE »
Swinomish Tribe

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