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 Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions

What Our Kids Can Teach Us About Trying Over

Shannon Hayes   |   Mar 15, 2013

Children’s future happiness is not tied to how well they behave or whether they will be able to hold a job. It is tied to their ability to create with their minds and their hands.   MORE »

meditation Research on the Politics of Meditation Points to Deeper Truths

Richard Schiffman   |   Mar 11, 2013

Psychologists recently conducted a study that found that meditation may make you more liberal, at least in the short-term. Richard Schiffman argues that the politics of true spirituality are more about balance than support for any one side.   MORE »


Photo courtesy of the Catholic Church Pope Francis: Good News for the Global South?

Jim Wallis   |   Mar 15, 2013

The first pope chosen from outside Europe in a millennium lives in a small apartment, takes the bus, and calls out wealth inequality where he sees it. Can his vision change the Church?   MORE »


Photo by CASEL. Teaching Emotions: A Different Approach to Ending School Violence

Katherine Gustafson   |   Mar 14, 2013

A growing network of programs is teaching kids how to understand and express their emotions. Among their results: decreased aggression and violence.   MORE »

Supporters of Hugo Chavez Hugo Chavez: Friend of the Poor, Demagogue, or Both?

Sarah van Gelder   |   Mar 08, 2013

From 1999 to 2013, Hugo Chavez served as president of Venezuela. He leaves behind a mixed legacy that includes admirable efforts to empower the poor, but also a disturbing tendency toward authoritarianism.   MORE »


Quote graphic Reader S. Lagar writes …

“I just hope that, with time, Western positive psychology can catch up to Buddhist psychology, and that programmes like this open the door to much further, much greater, and much more transformative possibilities. The culture and structures of our societies, and how we learn to “be” in the world begins in our schools.”   

In Social and Emotional Learning, an Antidote to School Violence


New Film Calls Worker-Owned Cooperatives “Next American Revolution”

Mar 15, 2013

Gar Alperovitz’s film points to worker-owned cooperates as a growing alternative to traditional capitalism and socialism.   MORE »
Evergreen cooperatives

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