Peace and Justice

Standing Rock Lawsuit Started a Year Ago. Here’s Where We Are Now
by Yessenia Funes
A recent victory has sent the Army Corps of Engineers back to analyze the environmental justice effects of the Dakota Access pipeline.
Outdoors Lovers Vote With Their Wallets, Move $45 Million Trade Show Out of Utah
by Stephen Miller
The outdoor-recreation industry delivered a big blow to Utah’s economy because of the state’s attempts to remove protections for public lands.
Why We Shouldn’t Think of Climate Change as Only a “Global” Issue
by Sarah van Gelder
While it is true that climate change is a global problem, we have power when we act locally.
Will Democrats Finally Go Bold or Go Home?
by Sam Pizzigati
The party’s new agenda promises to be on “the side of working people,” so why aren’t more Americans excited about it?
6 Badass Acts of Resistance Erased From History
by Jennifer Loubriel
There are entire generations of social justice activists and environmental protectors that we don’t learn about in school.
Medicaid Survived the Health Care Battle—Now Let’s Give It to Everyone
by Mark Trahant
We should ditch employer-provided insurance. Administrative costs for Medicaid are nearly half of the cost of private sector plans. Yes, half.
What’s Next for Health Care? Confused Congress Should Look to Indian Country
by Mark Trahant
Indian Health Service is a great example of health care run and managed by the government. Let’s use it to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
100 Years Ago, Black People Marched Down 5th Avenue to Declare That Black Lives Matter
by Chad Williams
The “Silent Protest Parade” was the first mass demonstration of its kind and marked a pivotal moment in civil rights history.
Eastern Europe Makes American Democracy Look Pretty Good
by Chris Winters
We have a long way to go before we lose the fight.
Getting Your Period Can Be a Pain. Getting It While Homeless Is Even Worse
by Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez
The average woman spends $18,000 in her lifetime on menstruation-related items. But what about women who can’t afford that?
White People: Don’t Unfriend Your Racist Family Members—Yet
by Kimber Simpkins
8 things to do before jumping down your uncle’s throat.
Remember, Things Can Change for the Better (U.K.’s Labour Party Proves It)
by Chuck Collins
8 lessons U.S. progressives can learn from Jeremy Corbyn’s remarkable campaign.
Can Portland Build a System Like the Underground Railroad for Immigrants?
by Corey Pein
As ICE increases its arrests, 30 Portland-area churches have pledged to offer sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. Anyone thinking of joining them must be ready to answer these hard questions.
10 Examples That Prove White Privilege Exists in Every Aspect Imaginable
by Jon Greenberg
Lessons people of color have taught me that changed my life—and could change yours too.
College Was Once Free and For the Public Good—What Happened?
by Thomas Adam
Students didn’t have to worry about tuition and debt until higher education became more about personal gain than contributing to society.