Peace and Justice

If You’re Calling About Family Separation, Here’s What to Tell Your Member of Congress
by YES! Staff
Step-by-step advice for what to say to your representatives.
Where Birth Control Is Scarce, Young Women Create Sex Education Outside the Classroom
by Ivy Brashear
A Kentucky program trains women to advocate for their reproductive health.
When Climate Change Was a Nonpartisan Issue
by Robert Brulle
In 1988, global warming became front-page news—and 30 years later the U.S. has yet to take meaningful action.
Creating Affordable Homes for Multigenerational Living
by Kevon Paynter
Houses for large moderate-income families are scarce. A few innovative developers are looking to change that.
High Schoolers Bring Their Love of Culinary Arts to Feed Local Homeless
by Deonna Anderson
It wasn’t enough for a group of students to provide free meals. They’re looking to tackle systemic problems.
To Native Culture, the Salmon Decision Means More Than a Treaty Rights Win
by Rosalyn R. LaPier
How indigenous food is tied to important sacred stories.
Senate’s Farm Bill Moves Forward—But What Is It, Anyway?
by Shannan Lenke Stoll
From food assistance for the poor to subsidies for a corporate food system, the nation’s next farm bill is taking shape.
Farming as Resistance
by Trina Moyles
Threatened by a mining company, indigenous women in the remote highlands of Guatemala are marching, increasing productivity, and planting trees.
Real Gender Equality Includes Femininity (and the Color Pink)
by Anne Thériault
As feminist parents, we tell ourselves we’re trying to break down the gender binary. But what’s wrong with skirts and baby dolls?
Despite Prosecutor’s Attempts to Stop Her, Georgia Woman Keeps Registering Voters
by Adam Lynch
Jim Crow endures in Georgia as voter suppression efforts persist across the state. But get-out-the-vote activists are undaunted.
Just One State Stands Between Women’s Rights and the Constitution
by Tina Rodia
Movements such as #MeToo and #SheShouldRun have re-energized the Equal Rights Amendment.
My Life-Changing Switch to Only TV Shows That Feature Real Black Lives
by Zenobia Jeffries
Three years ago I left behind television’s traditional White male narrative and found shows that affirm Blackness.
Ever Wonder How Rainfall Affects Your Peanut Butter Sandwich Habit?
by Angela Fichter
Climate change will impact agriculture and food supplies. That’s why this digital classroom is teaching food literacy.
Why Fast Fashion Needs to Slow Down
by Kaya Dorey
The no-waste economy must be applied to fashion, just as it is in the food industry.
What Fossil Fuels and Factory Farms Have in Common
by Wenonah Hauter
Hint: They’re both issues of environmental injustice.