Peace and Justice
The Power of Nonviolent Movements

Jonathan Schell, a leader of the anti-nuclear movement, offers motivation and tactical advice to the new generation of climate activists.

Americans Who Tell the Truth

Robert Shetterly's remarkable collection of portraits reminds us of the dignity, courage and importance of America's truth tellers. Here we offer curriculum tools to support the series.

Tsunami Survivors Fight for Land Rights

Five years ago, the Indian Ocean tsunami allowed resort developers in Thailand to push indigenous coastal communities off their land. Villages are fighting back—and winning legal rights to their homes.

Copenhagen: Just a Cop Out?

Despite its disappointments, the climate summit in Copenhagen marks a turning point—the end of denial. What's next is recognizing that our climate problem is really a justice problem.

Debt Relief: The Results Are In

Debt relief has allowed poor nations to pay for schools and health care instead of loan interest. A new bill in the U.S. Congress would offer relief to more countries and make lending more responsible.

Bolivia's Economic Success

By regaining public ownership of natural resources and focusing on social programs, the Morales administration has achieved record growth despite the recession.