Peace and Justice
Navigating The Great Turning From Empire To Earth Community

David Korten’s presentation to the Seattle Green Festival shows that we humans can choose to turn this moment of planetary crisis into a new era, grounded in life-affirming values of community, caring, and cooperation.

How to Join the Family of Nations

Nearly two out of three Americans believe U.S. international relations are on the wrong track. But here's what some are doing to turn that around.

A Powerful Peace

If the nuclear powers wish to be safe from nuclear weapons, they must surrender their own.

Fighting Terror with Law and Dignity

Fighting terrorism through massive military attacks is like pouring gasoline on a fire—it plays right into the hands of militants. Here’s a proven strategy for taking down terrorism.

Candidates for Congress Show the Way Out

The 2006 mid-term election sent a clear signal: Americans want out of Iraq. As the occupation drags on, 10 candidates for the U.S. Congress announce a plan to bring all the troops home.

Family Reunions Build Bridges to Cuba

If there’s one thing Cubans in Miami share with compatriots in Cuba, it’s a desire to travel freely—especially to visit family. Lifting the U.S. travel ban could open all kinds of doors.