Peace and Justice
Insisting on Peace in Colombia

You wouldn’t know it from U.S. newspapers, but a peace movement is building in Colombia. Indigenous peoples, peasant communities, and young draft resisters are saying no to war.

Finding a Way Home

Thousands of American men and women sent to fight in Iraq saw all the horrors of a brutal guerrilla war. Now they’re beginning to return home. How have they been changed by what they experienced?

Spare the Rod

What is the link between intimate violence and war? Why do societies that treat women with respect fare better? A movement challenges traditions of violence in the family.

A Coalition for Survival

For years, feminism has been declared dead. Yet this April saw the largest protest march in U.S. history--for women's rights. What got all these people into the streets?

Mother of Exiles

Since September 11, immigration has resurfaced as a political lightning rod. YES! contributing editor Pramila Jayapal reflects on what is at stake for all of us in the debate over immigration.

Zapatistas and the Globalization of Resistance

Ten years ago, the day NAFTA went into effect, indigenous people of Chiapas launched a rebellion against the death sentence they believed the new trade agreement represented. The Zapatistas later went on to spark a global movement