Peace and Justice
Etiquette for Activists

Why do so many attempts to build coalitions across race and culture result in hurt and division? These seasoned activists offer tips on what makes the difference between success and disaster.

making the whole world a witness

What would happen if the victims of human rights abuses could tell their own stories to the world? Could they win some level of safety and peace?

Finding Dignity in Exile

Forced to flee rape, forced labor, and devastation, Burmese women living as refugees in Thailand discover that they can turn to one other for support and fierce leadership—and demand the world’s attention

A Pilgrimage to Syria

Courage that comes from a hope beyond words takes these pilgrims into Damascus to listen and learn, and to search for places to plant seeds of peace

A Conspiracy of Hope

Ever since global trade began to transform cultures, people have worked together across borders of nation, religion, and race, finding strength together that they lacked separately.

Bolivians Topple President

Bolivia's Indigenous Community demonstrates growing power, as Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada is ousted.

Turning Scarcity Into Abundance

Water has grown scarcer in India, as Green Revolution water-guzzling agriculture replaces traditional practices attuned to local water conditions and local needs. Now indigenous water conservation know-how is bringing back sufficiency—and even abundance