Photographs from Haiti

A photographic tribute to Haiti includes two decades of images.
One Respe Cover, photo by Peter Pereira

Photo by Peter Pereira / 4SEE

In the 48 hours following the magnitude 7 earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, photojournalist Lane Hartwell created a tribute to the people of Haiti: a magazine, compiling two decades of images, whose proceeds benefit relief efforts.

Haiti: Oné Respe is a 40-page publication featuring 20 years of work from photographers including Chet Gordon, Kari Hartmann, Mary Ellen Mark, and Lindsay Stark, with a larger photographic essay from Peter Pereira taken in November of 2009. Hartwell and Michael Biven edited the magazine and put it together with the help of Derek Powazek.

The title, Oné Respe, refers to a traditional Haitian greeting of honor and respect.

"The news of the disaster in Haiti deeply touched me, both as a person and as a photojournalist. [...] The idea began with [Pereira's] essay, but others quickly came forward with generous contributions and before we knew it we had a magazine," Hartwell says.

A kindergarten student pays attention to the lesson at a school in Saint Roch mountain. The classes are conducted in a concrete building with a concrete floor; the sixth grade is conducted in the church. This school was destroyed in the earthquake.

Gonaives, Haiti, photo by Lindsay Stark

Photo by Lindsay Stark.

One of the oldest women in Gonaives, Haiti. She remembers well the massive floods from Hurricane Jeanne that hit her city in 2004.

Haitian Girls, photo by Chet Gordon

Photo by Chet Gordon.

Young Haitian girls balance 5-gallon water buckets on their heads at a water pumping station in the Cite Soliel neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Haiti in October 1993.

Church of Christ school, photo by Peter Pereira

Photo by Peter Pereira / 4SEE

Kindergarten students write their ABCs on a well-worked blackboard. Various grade levels attend school at the Church of Christ school in Saint Roch mountain, which was destroyed in the earthquake.

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