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Bridging Divides

Listening, learning, and discovering shared purpose.

State of the Possible
by Fran Korten
Practical idealists from diverse movements and perspectives consider the possibilities for transformational change at State of the Possible retreats sponsored by Positive Futures Network.
by Richard Heinberg
Innovation, insight, and knowledge from the 20th century could inspire social transformation in the 21st.
The New Solidarity The New Solidarity
by Anthony S. Arch
the new solidarity, by Anthony S. Arch. Steelworkers and forest activists forge a new alliance.
Learning To Choose
by Raymond Roy
Roy describes the development of a victim empathy class for prisoners in Oregon and it's impact on inmates.
Healing Into Action
by Cherie Brown, George Mazza
Simple ways to reach across ethnic, racial, and other divides.
Race Dialogue & Common Work
by Frances Moore Lappé, Paul Du Bois
Bridging the racial divide through dialogue and common work
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