People Power

The Power of Local
by Jeff Milchen
Through mutual support and community education, independent businesses are finding ways to promote local economies and even outperform chains.
First "Corporate Person" Runs for Political Office First "Corporate Person" Runs for Political Office
by Brooke Jarvis
To show how ludicrous an idea is, sometimes you have to take it seriously.
10 Ways to Stop Corporate Dominance of Politics
by Fran Korten
The recent Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited corporate spending in politics just may be the straw that breaks the plutocracy’s back.
4 Positive, Practical Steps for Responding to Citizens United
by Riki Ott
How should true patriots respond to the expansion of corporate power?
Whose Rights?
by Thomas Linzey, Mari Margil
Pro-democracy groups are mobilizing against a Supreme Court decision that will allow corporations to funnel money directly to candidates for federal office.
Are Corporations People?
Video: The Supreme Court has granted private for-profit corporations the right to contribute unlimited funds to political campaigns. What can citizens do to protect democracy?