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Grassroots Power

Document Actions

All it takes is a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens.

Ten Things You Can Do To Shape History
by Fran Korten
A commentary by Fran Korten in response to September 11.
Second Chance For Black Farmers
by Carol Estes
A recent class-action suit by black farmers against the USDA fails to stem the loss of land by African American farmers.
Veterans of Hope: Ruby Sales
by Ruby Sales
In this Veterans of Hope interview, Ruby Sales tells of her release from prison in Haneyville, Alabama, where she and Jonathan Daniels, a white seminarian, had been registering people to vote.
by Richard Heinberg
Innovation, insight, and knowledge from the 20th century could inspire social transformation in the 21st.
Freedom's Sacred Dance
by Vincent Harding, Rosemarie Freeney Harding
The Veterans of Hope Project brings together veterans of the civil rights movement with young activist to explore links between religion and social transformation.
Earth Charter
by Jan Roberts
A description of the Earth Charter document, a declaration of responsibility and interdependency.
This Is What Democracy Looked Like
by Amber Gallup
Amber Gallup reports from the IMF/World Bank protests in Washington, DC.
Clueless In Seattle Clueless In Seattle
by Jonathan Rowe
Why were all those people in the streets? Reporters and pundits who covered the WTO recited the free-trade mantra but knew nothing of its real-world impact. Then there’s the small matter of who owns the media
What's Next After Seattle WTO Protests What's Next After Seattle WTO Protests
by Fran Korten
What to do in the post-WTO protest era.
November 30 WTO Showdown November 30 WTO Showdown
by Paul Hawken
The most dramatic confrontations took place on November 30 (N30), when thousands of protesters blocked WTO delegates from reaching the meeting. Author Paul Hawken was among them.
From the Trenches: Opening Day of the WTO Ministerial Meeting From the Trenches: Opening Day of the WTO Ministerial Meeting
by Tracy Rysavy
WTO On-Site Report, November 30, 1999 by Tracy Rysavy.
A Perspective on 'The Battle of Seattle' A Perspective on 'The Battle of Seattle'
by Rod Arakaki
The following is part of a series of commentaries by people associated with YES! magazine and Positive Futures Network on the events unfolding in Seattle at the time of the World Trade Organization's meeting.
Assembling For Peace
by D.J. Mitchell
In Sri Lanka, the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, a grassroots community development organization that combines Buddhist philosophy with Gandhian methods.
Find a Place To Stand
by Lynne Twist
Tips for transformative leaders
Join us in Seattle to Greet the WTO Join us in Seattle to Greet the WTO
by Fran Korten
In late November, dark, damp Seattle will turn into the hottest scene in America for making a statement about the rules our world is governed by and who benefits. Come join us!
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