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Environmental Charter High School, image by Siel
Marseilles protests, photo by lilicomanche
real family values graphic
Internet Organizing, image by Daren Higham
Hi Play button, Photo by Jens Schott Knudsen
Stephen Colbert, Photo by Cliff
Not Hitler, image by Cliff
voting booth photo by Nate Shepard
Billy Bragg, Video Still
WWII-era Victory Bond Poster
Purpose Prize 2010
Dilma Rousseff
Inez Killingsworth photo courtesy of Talking Eyes Media
Rabary Desire, Photo by Rachel Kramer
Crop Mob Whidbey, Photo by urbanfarmcat
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, photo by Laura Heller
Capitol Hill photo by Wally Gobetz
For Colored Girls, Book link
Campesino photo by Temua
CIW, video still
Working on farm photo by Rick Gordon
2010 photo by Florian Seiffert
Mountain top removal mine, photo courtesy of Sierra Club
Mexican forest, photo by Lara Danielle
Microphones, photo by Rusty Sheriff
Microphones photo by Rusty Sheriff
Group Holding Hands, Photo by Makena Zayle Gadient
Silhouettes holding hands Photo by Makena Zayle Gadient.
Censored Web, Illustration by Melissa St. Hilaire
Democracy for Sale sign photo by McBeth
Mount Shasta, Photo by Jill Clardy
Elephant photo by David Blackwell
Censored Illustration by Melissa St. Hilaire
Mount Shasta photo by Jill Clardy
Money and Health Care, photo by
Glock 19, photo by Joe Holst
Tahrir Square, photo by Mona
Egypt protest photo courtesy of Darkroom Productions
Al Jazeera video still
Story of Citizens United preview video still
Wisconsin protests, video still by Matt Wisniewski
Wisconsin capitol
Wisconsin firefighter, video still by Finn Ryan
wisconsin protest
How to Do Your Own Bain-In, video still
"Can You Hear Us Now?" video still
Wisconsin Capitol Rallying, photos by Isaac Steiner
Video still, Holding the Capitol
US Uncut DC courtesy Chuck Collins
Annie Leonard, the Story of Citizens United
story of citizens united
Wisconsin Rally by Isaac Steiner
Wisconsin rotunda, photo by Peter Gorman
America #1 Box
Tattered Flag by Beverly & Pack
Michigan Protesters by Peace Education Center
Wadah Khanfar video still
Madison protests, photo by Eyton Z
Fox News interviewer, photo by Panu Tangchalermkul
March for An Alternative, photo by Paul Parkinson
Jonathan Rowe, 1946-2011
National Conference for Media Reform preview still
Budget Tug of War, photo by Joe Philipson
St Paul tax day protest, photo by Fibonacci Blue
Tim DeChristopher at Power Shift 2011
Power Shift 2011, photo by M.V. Jantzen
Jessy Tolkan, photo by
Vermont Health Care Rally 2010, photo by Jobs with Justice
Sarah on Seattle Voices video still
Corn Seeds, photo courtesy of Edward Gerkhe
Native American Women, photo courtesy of Edward Gerkhe
Capitol Building Sold, photo by Brendan Hoffman
We the people
YES! logo
Ethan Case
Malia Lazu
Julian Mocine-McQueen
Dr. Cornel West
Dirty Coal, photo by Rainforest Action Network
Van Jones, photo by Mark Taylor
Fort McMurry, photo by Pete Williamson
Graveyard Crosses, photo from
Apple bodysuits
Join the Club Book Cover
Egypt celebration, photo by Erik N
Netroots Nation Logo, photo by kyleshank
Van Jones at Netroots Nation
Chuck Creekmur
Greek protest, photo by Ioannis Poulopoulos
Stop fracking sign, photo by Adrian Kinloch
Capitol Building, photo by paul_houle
Kissing on the cheek
Notebook and recorder, photo by Eelco Kruidenier
The Media Consortium
Highlighted map, image from
Poet Javier Sicilia, photo by sari dennise
Face in protest photo by Elvert Barnes
License plate map photo by Whirling Phoenix
Pipeline protester, photo by Josh Lopez
Occupy Wall Street poster
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