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Inside Occupy Wall Street’s Nearly Last Night Inside Occupy Wall Street’s Nearly Last Night
by Olivia Rosane
What was it like to be in Zuccotti Park in the hours before the owners’ planned eviction of protesters?
Cleaning Zuccotti Park, photo by Neil Girling
RSLC ad against Jim Schatz
Protester at Occupy Boston, photo by sharonkubo
The Beginning is Near, photo by Cory Doctorow
N17 Day of Action, photo by Iure Kothe
Sunday Dinner Co., photo by Glory Foods
Fireworks, photo by bayasaa
2012 photo by Ludie Cochrane
Zuccotti Park Couple Photo by Joe Holmes
Robin Hood photo courtesy of Oxfam International
Question, photo by The U.S. Army
Image by Metta Center for Nonviolence
May Day Protest photo by Eyes of New York
Bank of America protest, photo by Rainforest Action Network
Phone banking in Wisconsin, photo by Wisaflcio
Story of Change Still
The Story of Change Still
La marcha minera, photo by Victor Ferrer
Supporters of Hugo Chavez
Supporters of Hugo Chavez.
Brother Ali_Featured
Story of Change Still2
Matt Stoller headshot
Occupy Natgat
Measure a dream
Real Food
Real Food
Story of Change Still
Fireworks photo by bayasaa
Wisconsin Recall
Woman sleeping photo by Anya Quinn
McDonald's American Flag
Van Jones photo
Brother Nature farm photo courtesy of the Michigan Municipal League
London protest Photo by Paul Parkinson.
Hand Up
The Story of Change Still
Wisconsin Capitol Photo by Eyton Z
Occupy Wall Street Protest
Corporate Flag photo by WatchingFrogsBoil
Guy Fawkes photo by Stephen O'Byrne
Sold Photo by Brendan Hoffman
Prague photo by Brian Harris
Wild Rice seeds photo by BlueRidgeKitties
Voices of Occupy Oakland Play Button
Aaron Swartz
American Dream Reloaded
American Dream Reloaded
Chimamanda Adichie
Aaron 375x245
Real Food
Church Pews photo by Vini Serafim
Silhouettes Dancing photo by Zer Cabatuan
I Am Occupy Poster
Tim DeChristopher Photo by Ed Kosmicki
Fireworks photo by bayasaa
Natgat reclaim by james trimarco
Real Food
Story of Change Still
Deb Richter
Vermont protest Photo by Jobs with Justice.
BofA ATM photo courtesy of Rainforest Action Network
American Dream Reloaded
We Paid for the Bailout photo by Bogey Harmond
Javier Sicilia photo by sari dennise.
Tarbotton 375x245
Aaron 375x245
Rockaway Meeting
Community members in Far Rockaway gather for one of the early meetings about cooperatives. (WNV/Peter Rugh)
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