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Letter to the Editor: “Thrive” Filmmakers Foster & Kimberly Gamble Respond

On August 21, YES! published an article by John Robbins about the film called “Thrive.” The article described the reasons why ten progressives interviewed in the film, including himself, had dissociated themselves from it. In the letter below, “Thrive” filmmakers Foster and Kimberly Gamble respond.
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John blames the global financial collapse on “our collective consciousness,” saying “the real source of the problem is in all of us, and in the economic systems we have collectively produced.” This demeans everyone while letting the perpetrators go free. It shows a lack of respect for the integrity of most people and how they would behave if they had sufficient information. When Robbins was ripped off by Madoff’s ponzi scheme, he did not hesitate to name the perpetrator publicly and try to get his money back. Now, as billions of lives are being ruined by the greatest Ponzi scheme in history (the global “fractional reserve” banking scam), Robbins wants us to refrain from naming who, how, and why, and instead he tries to undermine the dynamic solutions movement that we are facilitating to help create honest systems that nurture true freedom and well being.

Nowhere do we advocate harming those who are perpetrating the crimes. We simply expose them so that we can stop unwittingly empowering them, and can instead obsolete their controlling influence in our lives. 

Everyone in the movie has sworn by their own statements, including the dissociates and the many who refused to sign John’s letter. None has disputed a single fact in the movie, which have all been third-party verified. Undisputed facts indicate that we are careening toward World War III and a police state. We do not believe we have time for everyone to get enlightened as a strategy for survival. Nor do we believe it is wise to cling to cherished illusions that Obama, or Romney, or anything short of a complete restructuring of our economic systems, will avert this trend.

What is the relationship between Iran selling its oil for gold and the collapse of the dollar? Thrive offers tools for discerning what’s really going on by “following the money” because understanding what is happening behind the scenes with global currencies is what lifts the veil on our real foreign policy and the loss of our hard-won rights. 

Unlike John Robbins, we have chosen to step outside the comfort zone by naming the conspiracy so that we can create strategic solutions that are at last a match for the problems that we face.

As to Robbins’s claim that we make “unsubstantiated assertions,” the global domination agenda section of our website will take you as deep as you want to go in substantiation.


2) Critical thinking makes it possible to learn from each other without having to agree 100 percent.

Unfortunately, Robbins has resorted to rhetorical fallacies like guilt by association (“Ed Griffin was a member of the John Birch Society”), outright falsehoods (“Gamble says HAARP caused the Fukushima Earthquake”) and attacking people and things we have not included in our film at all (“Eustace Mullins has been called anti-Semitic.”)

Since when can we only learn from someone with whom we agree 100%?  We believe our capacity to learn depends on our ability to discern from any source what is of value and what is not. That is step one of critical thinking.

We read articles and watch broadcasts from both the Left and Right, as well as a ton of independent, voluntaryist and whistle-blowing media. We are committed to learning whatever we can help to solve problems that seem intractable from the old political polarity trap.

Ed Griffin has done seminal work on exposing the truth about the private Federal Reserve. The Birch Society has been a critical force in exposing the hidden agendas behind the Rockefeller and Rothschild-created United Nations. Taking value from that is not the same as condoning all their conclusions. Mullins has done important work uncovering who controls and manipulates the U.S. mainstream media, and learning from his research does not mean we align with any of his other views. We certainly don’t condone racism of any kind, which we state repeatedly and explicitly in Thrive.

We included David Icke because he is a courageous researcher whose investigation of how the world and money really work allowed him in the 1990’s to predict accurately that there would be a false flag event (9/11) followed by the dismantling of the Constitution (the PATRIOT Act), the invasion of the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran?), a fake pandemic (Swine Flu) and a financial collapse (2008). In Thrive he unpacked complex financial information in an easy-to-understand way, which helps people to see how their everyday financial realities are connected to the larger global demise.   

As for the Fukushima earthquake, we never said the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) caused the Fukushima quake, because we have seen no evidence of that. The Chile and Haiti quakes, on the other hand, immediately followed maximum charging of the HAARP antenna—which was cut off just as the quakes started. In the case of Haiti, the U.S. just happened to have 10,000 troops at the southern tip of Florida, who moved quickly to take over the Haitian capitol airport. Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. took over the relief effort, which has done little, while the gold and oil discovered in a recent resource assessment by President Aristide before he was ousted in a CIA-backed coup, are now looking more like they will end up in American coffers. The China quake was preceded by a rainbow aurora in the sky, characteristic of HAARP. This is not some high-school debate. There are lives on the line. HAARP is well-documented. There are many pictures, patents, videos, books, contracts, etc., to prove it. Is this worth looking into? It’s all on our website here.

Smearing the source helps Robbins avoid confronting the critical information. Debating information when facts can be known is a dangerous distraction from the more important conversations and actions that are called for. Toward this end, we created a “Reality Check” for you to check on your understanding of critical information.

Robbins continues to ignore our corrections to the distortions and deceptions in his once again re-hashed article. We regret this, especially because we see a consistent pattern where Robbins likes what he understands about Thrive, and actually does not understand where we are coming from on the things he is attacking.

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