It’s Not All Suppression: What We’re Doing Right at the Polls

In some places around the country, efforts to suppress the vote are being shot down. Read on to hear about the good news this election day, and check back later for updates.
Poll Workers-555.jpg

Poll workers of the first Election District in Delaware. Photo by Mike Mahaffie.

  1. Stead, Nevada: 
    Nevada Polling Stations

    A volunteer in front of the open gate in Stead, Nevada. Photo courtesy of AFL-CIO.

    North Valley’s Community Building opened a gated road that leads up to its polling location. Talk about putting up roadblocks to voting.
  2. Franklin County, Ohio:
    True the Vote, a Houston-based group that aims to monitor "voter fraud" in 30 locations in hotly contested Franklin County, Oh., has been barred from polling stations as an official vote monitor after using various intimidation tactics on voters.
    Reports by in the Columbus Dispatch state that some of the group's application forms requesting monitor status may have been falsified or forged. Who's the fraud now?
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  3. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania:
    An Allegheny County judge issued an order to halt electioneering outside a polling station in Homestead. County officials received complaints that individuals associated with the Republican party were standing outside the polling location and demanding identification from voters. Voters in Pennsylvania are not required by law to show identification.
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  4. More in Pennsylvania:
    We all know that electronic devices sometimes make mistakes. Lawyers have been able to help numerous voters in Pennsylvania where a faulty poll machine seemed to switch votes for Barack Obama over to Mitt Romney.
  5. Nationwide:
    Lawyers have fielded over 50,000 calls through the election protection hotline, 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
    The hotline is supported by the non-partisan Election Protection coalition which formed to ensure equal opportunity in the voting process. The hotline provides free support and guidance from registering to vote to reporting problems with the election system.
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