Our House, In the Middle of the Bank

What can you do when the bank takes away your house? Move into theirs.
fbanks still

Protesters march and sing on their way to take up residence in a BofA lobby.

"We need a home, home of our own.
Bankers keep takin' our homes,
But we won't let 'em go.
We need a home, home of our own."

Bank of America (BAC) has received billions of dollars in bailout money and foreclosed on millions of homes in the United States. On March 15, 2012 Occupiers will take up residence in Bank of America lobbies around the country—taking advantage of the rent they figure they've already paid with the tax dollars that bailed out BOA. 

To find out more, check out fthebanks.org

  • Why the attempt to take on foreclosures directly is our clearest glimpse yet of what Occupy Phase II will look like.

  • The Occupy effect? In the last 3 months, Americans switched banks at three times the normal rate.

  • A bill of rights that protects people and nature, but not corporations? Your community could be next.
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