People Power

Practical Compassion: An Interview with Karen Armstrong
by Heidi Bruce
The historian has helped world religions unite behind a single principle. But can a worldwide charter for compassion become more than just a nice idea?
Israelis and Iranians Feel the Love
As their leaders talk violence, some residents of Israel and Iran are reaching out to each other directly with a promise of peace.
8 Ways to De-Corporatize Your Money
by YES! Editors
Debit or credit? Keep your dollars out of corporate clutches.
Watch Us Move Our Millions
by Rebecca Leisher
Cities, churches, and colleges take steps to move their money home.
Can Restorative Justice Stop the Schoolhouse-to-Jailhouse Pipeline?
by Jeremy Adam Smith
What San Francisco schools are learning from their experiments with alternatives to punitive punishments.
How to Fix Health Care Without the Mandate
by Sarah van Gelder
Why truly affordable care means single-payer.
No More Handouts to Big Oil
by Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben’s five rules of the road for reforming fossil fuel subsidies.
Occupy 2.0: The Great Turning
by Michael Nagler
Michael Nagler on building a movement to build a new reality.
Eyes on the Prize: MLK’s Lessons for Occupy
by Valerie Schloredt
At the time of his death, Martin Luther King Jr. was planning a campaign around economic injustice—including a mass encampment of poor people in Washington, D.C.
4 Ways to Flex Our Electoral Muscles
by Brooke Jarvis
What we can do right now to strengthen our democracy.
YES! Magazine’s 2nd Annual Celebration of People Power
It’s not too late to watch YES! Magazine’s 2nd Annual Celebration of People Power with Alice Walker, Frances Moore Lappé, and Makana.
YES! Magazine’s Third Annual Celebration: The Future of Food
It’s not too late to watch YES! Magazine’s Third Annual Celebration: The Future of Food from September 12, 2013, at Seattle's Town Hall, with Vandana Shiva, Fran Korten, and Tanya Dawkins.
When Bankers Rule the World
by David Korten
How we can call out the myths, restructure the banking system, shut down the con game, and take back America.
The Age of Obama: What Went Wrong (and How to Fix It)
by Van Jones
Van Jones reflects on his time in—and out of—the White House.
A World Bank President We Can Get Behind?
by Robin Broad, John Cavanagh
The candidates for next month’s selection could finally change the game of serving markets over people—and we all might have a role to play.