People Power

Free Speech TV Blogs on No Impact Week
by The Free Speech TV Team
When YES! invited one of our favorite media organizations to join us in the experiment, the whole office stepped up to the challenge.
Dear Big Coal: You’re Not Above the Law
by Sarah van Gelder
How many times can a corporation break the law and continue to exist? Inside the fight to revoke Massey Energy’s corporate charter.
Ta'Kaiya Blogs on No Impact Week
by Ta'Kaiya Blaney
Ta'Kaiya is a First Nations 10-year-old who's already proven her dedication to the Earth through activist art. She's taking it a step further with No Impact Week, and seeing how her family fares.
Rebecca Blogs on No Impact Week
by Rebecca Rockefeller
Rebecca's an underemployed, single mother with a surplus of good humor and innovative spirit. She's tackling No Impact Week for the second time on a shoestring budget with two little girls.
Bruce Blogs on No Impact Week
by Bruce Ding
Bruce is a Chinese student navigating life in the West, seeing what he can learn about lower impact living from two very different cultures.
Father John Blogs on No Impact Week
by Fr. John Rausch
Appalachian priest John Rausch has to drive 22,000 miles a year as part of his ministry. But he wants to strike a balance between the needs of the earth and those of his community.
Corbyn Blogs on No Impact Week
by Corbyn Hightower
When economic circumstances forced Corbyn and her family to downsize, they found that a simpler life with a lower impact was a lot more fun, too.
Bunmi and the YES Prep School Blog on No Impact Week
by Bunmi Ishola
Bunmi left her comfort zone to join last January's No Impact Week. Now she's back for round two—and she's bringing her students with her.
Denisse Blogs on No Impact Week
by Denisse McLean
Denisse, a Nicaraguan researcher in Honduras, wants to see how far No Impact Week principles can go in the Global South.
James Blogs on No Impact Week
by James Edwards
Working nights on the South Side of Chicago is hardly the easiest way to go No Impact. But James wants to create a better world for his niece.
Erin Blogs on No Impact Week
by Erin Collins
After leaving a simple life in an ashram in India, Erin's figuring out how to live responsibly—and joyfully—in a challenging place: home.
YES! Magazine Blogs On No Impact Week
With a homemade office rocket stove, a zero-waste flash mob, and a lights-out party, solutions for low-impact living are more fun than we thought.
Kathy Blogs on No Impact Week
by Kathy Kottaras
In Los Angeles, mother and teacher Kathy Kottaras takes on a second No Impact Week to find out where there's still room for change.
Christian Blogs on No Impact Week
by Christian Honce
Christian just moved from rural Kentucky to Brooklyn, New York, where low-impact living is harder than he thought.
Tamar Blogs on No Impact Week
by Tamar Samir
No Impact Eco-leader and yoga instructor Tamar has tried the experiment five times already, but she still learns a lot from her fellow participants.