People Power
Kumi Naidoo on How We'll Win at Copenhagen

Forget the cynicism. The activists who made Copenhagen possible are ramping up the pressure for a strong and binding deal on climate change.

350 Day of Action

350 might be the most important number in the world—which is why people around the world are finding powerful ways to make that number known.

How to Talk to Your Friends About Copenhagen

Talking about climate change may be one of the most revolutionary things you can do. But how do you strike up your own Copenhagen conversations—and what do you say once you do?

The Youth Movement Goes to Copenhagen

This fall, youth around the world demonstrated their determination to stop catastrophic climate change. In Copenhagen, they're pushing their leaders to do the same.

Fast for Climate Justice

Now a month into their hunger strike, activists are hoping for serious commitment from the delegates in Copenhagen.

No Need to Wait (or Pay) for Climate Technology

Did you think most clean energy technology is locked up by patent holders? The Global Innovation Commons lists thousands of energy-saving technologies already in the public domain.