People Power
Report from the World Social Forum

In mid-January, more than 80,000 global activists, scholars, Nobel laureates, poets, musicians, indigenous peoples, and community organizers gathered to declare once again, "Another world is possible!"

The beloved community of Martin Luther King

On the 75th anniversary of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birth, an elder stateswoman of the Black Power movement reflects on what might have been different if we'd taken King's most radical teachings to heart-and what might still be possible

The Politics of Happiness

The name Bogota conjures images of kidnapping, murder, and drug wars. But today's Bogota is safer than Washington, D.C., or Baltimore. A visionary mayor discovered the secret to making his city safe. Enrique Penalosa tells Susan Ives the story.

Bolivians Topple President

Bolivia's Indigenous Community demonstrates growing power, as Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada is ousted.

Turning Scarcity Into Abundance

Water has grown scarcer in India, as Green Revolution water-guzzling agriculture replaces traditional practices attuned to local water conditions and local needs. Now indigenous water conservation know-how is bringing back sufficiency—and even abundance

The Lake And the 'hood

A struggle to save a desert lake could have pitted bird lovers against city water consumers. Instead, a remarkable alliance was born between environmentalists, community activists, and East Los Angeles youth

A Watershed Runs Through You

When you see that it's the same water that falls as snow and rain, rushes down nearby rivers, passes your lips, brings back the salmon -- this is when you know your watershed.

Bringing Back Desert Springs

Attuned to their arid land, the Hopi raised abundant crops for hundreds of years, stewarding the small springs they considered sacred. Now, 35 years after a massive coal mine began using their water, the springs are drying up.

This Is What Justice Looks Like

For most of history, the law wasn't strong enough to bring to justice those who killed, raped, or tortured thousands. By 1999, people were ready to change that. But first they would have to overcome the opposition of the world's sole superpower