People Power
World Economic Forum, Take Two

When it comes to "improving the state of the world"—the goal of the World Economic Forum—CEOs and politicians have been known to disappoint. Prankster filmmakers found a solution that helps them say all the right things.

Crude :: Film Trailer

What is the real price of oil? A 2009 documentary investigates the $27 billion class action environmental lawsuit against Chevron for pollution.

Whose Rights?

A new Supreme Court decision promotes corporate rights at the expense of the rights of citizens. What happens when the legal structure itself stands in the way of democracy?

Are Corporations People?

Video: The Supreme Court has granted private for-profit corporations the right to contribute unlimited funds to political campaigns. What can citizens do to protect democracy?

Tsunami Survivors Fight for Land Rights

Five years ago, the Indian Ocean tsunami allowed resort developers in Thailand to push indigenous coastal communities off their land. Villages are fighting back—and winning legal rights to their homes.

Was Lehman So Long Ago?

While the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act makes some positive strides, what's really needed is a popular uprising for stronger regulation.

The "Battle in Seattle" at 10

WTO+10: Did the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization actually make a difference?

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day, which takes place on Black Friday, offers an opportunity to step off the treadmill of consumerism.

Waking Up to the Dangers of "Free Trade"

WTO+10: When Fran Korten first started warning people about NAFTA, many had never heard of it. But the 1999 protests in Seattle showed that Americans were learning what many in the developing world had known for years: free trade agreements are not just esoteric rules about what goods can cross borders. They are about who rules—corporations or people.