People Power
New Ebay Contracts: What’s in the Fine Print?

Ebay’s new contracts require users to compose a letter and snail-mail it to them in order to retain the right to make legal claims against the site. Find out how, why, and what you can do about it.

Proposition 37 Targeted by “Misleading” Ad Campaigns

A ten-day ad blitz courtesy of companies like Cargill, Monsanto, and Syngenta has swayed many voters against a ballot initiative to label foods containing genetically modified organisms. Yet supporters still expect the initiative to pass.

Lawmakers Get Graded on Equality Record

How do your representatives stack up when it comes to voting on policy that helps—or hinders—economic equality? Before you go to the polls, check out the Congressional Report Card for the 99%

Breastfeeding Moms Boot Nestlé from Maternity Wards

If breastfeeding is healthier for babies, why are hospitals pushing corporate infant formula? How a growing number of states and cities are banning marketing in the maternity ward.

A Farm Bill Only Monsanto Could Love

Three provisions in the bill would make it more difficult to regulate the safety of genetically modified crops. Consumers fight back with a flurry of organizing.

Pipeline Blockade Takes to the Trees

Despite rough treatment at the hands of law enforcement, tree sitters and their allies remain steadfast in their nonviolence.

Time for Some Good Jobs Guarantees

Corporations often take big helpings of public funds, saying that they’ll provide jobs in return. But how can communities make sure they deliver?