People Power

This Slam Poet Totally Nails Why Kids Learn Best in Their Native Language
by Nur Lalji
With a string of powerful similes, poet Dylan Garity lets us know what life is like for Boston students who are trying to learn English.
Why the Government Shutdown Is Not Anarchist Utopia
by Nathan Schneider
Real anarchists aren't just for abolition of the state. They're for a society in which ordinary people can freely and democratically govern themselves.
White House Makes History by Granting Minimum Wage to Home Care Workers
by Christa Hillstrom
The Obama administration makes good on its promise to give direct care workers the same rights as nearly everyone else—and to top it all off, California follows suit.
Escape from an L.A. Sweatshop: How Modern-Day Slaves Become Lobbyists
by Christa Hillstrom
Lured from Mexico into forced labor at an American factory, Flor Molina’s human trafficking story was typical. What’s remarkable is what she did next.
"It's Unstoppable": Washington's GMO-Labeling Campaign Picks Up Where California's Left Off
by Erin Sagen
If Initiative 522 succeeds, it could push manufacturers nationwide to begin labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms.
Voices from Turkey’s #OccupyGEZI Movement
by YES! online staff
Filmmaker Deniz Tarsus brings you into the occupation of Istanbul’s Gezi Park in this new short film.
Why I Got a Bad Score on the GRE—on Purpose: Taking a Stand for Real Education
by Dan Marion
What I learned from saying what I really thought in the essay section of an important standardized test.
What’s Next for Moral Mondays?
by Sue Sturgis
The movement to push back against North Carolina’s ultraconservative state legislature is in its 13th week, and still growing.
“Stand Your Ground Isn’t What Put the Bullet in Trayvon”: Voices from Florida’s Occupied Capitol
by James Trimarco
Daniel Agnew, Melanie Andrade, and Jabari Mickles are members of a group that occupied Florida’s capitol building after the Zimmerman acquittal.
Why the Revival of US Labor Might Start with Nonunion Workers
by Amy B. Dean
The AFL-CIO’s community affiliate, Working America, is expanding its work online and off.
President Obama’s Climate Speech: Is It Enough?
by YES! online staff
Thom Hartmann and YES! executive editor Sarah van Gelder discuss the president’s speech on climate change. Is it a first step toward climate justice? Or is it too little, too late?
The NSA’s Spying Program: What’s at Stake for the Climate Movement?
by James Trimarco
Programs such as Prism would likely be used to hamper the social movements we need to tackle the biggest problems of our time.
What to Say When They Say It’s Impossible
by Andrea Brower
Here are ten smart responses you can use when people tell you there’s no alternative to the capitalism that’s cooking the planet.
Pussy Riot’s “Punk Prayer” Reminds Us to Cherish Freedom of Spirit—Not Just Speech
by Christa Hillstrom
What we still have to learn from the world’s favorite riot grrrls.
Marriage Equality for Minnesota? You Betcha!
by Christopher Zumski Finke
In just six months, the “Land of Lakes” went from debating a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, to legalizing it this week. One proud resident on celebrating change in one of our more politically quirky states.