A Message from the Gulf: It’s Not Over

A year after the BP oil spill, Cherri Foytlin walked 1,243 miles to send a message: the Gulf is still suffering, and residents are mobilizing for change.

A Crisis of Democracy: Real Solutions to the BP Oil Spill

For Gulf residents, the BP oil spill has made the problem of unchecked corporate power painfully clear. Exxon Valdez survivor Riki Ott on why this may be the moment to overcome our political divides and take back our democracy.

Tribes Unite to Fight BP

A delegation of indigenous leaders from Ecuador visited Louisiana to share what they learned in a decades-long battle with Texaco.

Bonn Climate Talks: Beyond BP

Even as we work to prevent future disasters and break the U.S. oil addiction, we must keep up pressure for a fair, ambitious climate treaty.

Polls: Time for Action

In the wake of the BP disaster in the Gulf, Americans are ready for clean energy.