Cherish The Planet, Don’t Cheat On It

Think the idea of carbon offsets are a bit ridiculous? So do the creators of, a website that allows you to pay money to “offset” your infidelity.
Cheat Neutral Photo by Cheat Neutral

Did you cheat? Wish there was a way to offset your infidelity? The founders of offer a way to neutralize your bad behavior.

The idea is a spoof on the current policy of carbon offsetting. In the same way that we shouldn't be able to pay money to neutralize the damage done to our relationships, the site's creators argue, we should not be able to pay money to offset our carbon polluting. The website's satirical purpose is to "make it seem acceptable to cheat on your partner. In the same way, carbon offsetting tries to make it acceptable to carry on emitting excess carbon."

Check out the website at

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