Peak Oil: A Chance to Change the World

For advice about life after graduation, students at Worcester Polytechnic wanted to hear from peak oil scholar Richard Heinberg instead of Exxon’s CEO. Here’s what he told them.

Nuclear Disaster: Who Foots the Bill?

Right now, taxpayers insure the nuclear power industry against the costs of disaster. How can we support safer industries, instead?

From Hiroshima to Fukushima: Rethinking Atomic Energy

The combined devastation of Japan’s earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant explosion begs the question: Doesn’t Mother Nature provide enough forces of destruction without humans adding one of our own?

In Coal Country, A Win for Clean Energy

A Kentucky power cooperative had plans to burn more coal. Local residents instead demanded cleaner energy and greater efficiency—and won.

Victory Bonds for Clean Energy

What if Americans could support a clean energy future the way they once supported the U.S. war effort?

Individual and Community Resilience

What makes teenage brains unique? What happens when people from all walks of life play an alternate reality game to create a better future? Lesson plans from Inside the Teenage Brain and World Without Oil.

Climate Hope

On the front lines in the fight against coal

Canada-to-Texas Pipeline Plans Draw Criticism

Activists and residents along the 2,000-mile proposed route fear damage to farming, ecosystems, and water from the transport of what has been called the world's dirtiest source of transportation energy.