Meet the New Climate Heroes: Faces of the Frontline
by Kristin Moe
Not all of these young people focus directly on climate change in their work. But it tends to take a prominent position in their worldview, which sees issues of race, class, labor, and environment as inextricably connected.
Why the Climate Movement Should Have No "Keystone"
by Arielle Klagsbrun, David Osborn, Maryam Andragi, Kirby Spangler
We must call for what we really need—an end to all new fossil fuel infrastructure and extraction.
Writer and Farmer Wendell Berry on Hope, Direct Action, and the "Resettling" of the American Countryside
by YES! online staff
In this rare television interview, the poet, farmer, and activist Wendell Berry discusses his vision for a society in harmony with the planet.
Why the Corporate Media's Climate Change Censorship Is Only Half the Story
by Sarah van Gelder
Of course the media needs to start talking honestly about climate change. But there's more to the issue than just gloom and doom.
Jane Goodall on Climate Change, Technology, and What Makes Us Different From Chimps
by Katrina Rabeler
We caught up with the primatologist and activist at the International Women's Earth and Climate Summit, where she was helping to draft a declaration on how to move forward on climate change.
"The Other Keystone": Seattle Gears Up for Direct Action Against Coal Export Plan
by Raye Stoeve
A showdown over fossil fuel projects that would exacerbate climate change is brewing in the Emerald City.
Women’s Knowledge: Three Reasons We Won’t Solve Climate Change Without It
by Katrina Rabeler
When it comes to solving the climate crisis, the world can't afford to ignore women's voices.
India Killed Off Most of Its Vultures—Here's Why It Cost Their Economy Billions
by YES! online staff
When about 97 percent of India's vultures died due to eating carcasses that contained a drug called diclofenac, it caused a boom in the feral dog population. The resulting rabies epidemic cost India billions of dollars between 1993 and 2006.
#FearlessSummer: How the Battle to Stop Climate Change Got Ferocious
by Kristin Moe
A series of actions that took place this summer helped to shift the climate movement's center of gravity.
One Thing College Alumni Can Do about Climate Change Right Now
by Laurent Daloz
I've respectfully informed my alma mater that, until it divests its holdings in the fossil fuel industry—coal, oil, tar sands, and fracked natural gas—I will not donate another cent.
Confessions of a Climate Change Denier
by Yotam Marom
The fight for the climate isn’t a separate movement. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity for all of our movements.
“We’re Not Going Anywhere”: Sandy-Struck Neighborhoods Rebuild for Resilience
by YES! online staff
Climate change has turned up the volume, making “superstorms” like Sandy more likely. In this documentary, Clodagh McGowan introduces you to coastal homeowners who are rebuilding their houses to withstand the next big one.
President Obama’s Climate Speech: Is It Enough?
by YES! online staff
Thom Hartmann and YES! executive editor Sarah van Gelder discuss the president’s speech on climate change. Is it a first step toward climate justice? Or is it too little, too late?
An Intimate Look Inside the Climate Justice Movement
by YES! online staff
The film Blockadia Rising documents the campaign of direct action against the Keystone XL pipeline.
Climate Change Is Happening but We Can Meet the Challenge
by Sarah van Gelder
It can be hard for youth to deal with the overwhelming effects of climate change. But, by taking action, we can erode the hold that oil, fracking, and coal has on people and the environment.