The High Cost of Cheap Coal

The West Virginia mine explosion is, unfortunately, only the most recent reminder of the true price of so-called cheap coal.

Gaviotas: Village of Hope

A search for answers in Colombia leads two activists into the unpredictable world of Gaviotas. Getting to Work in 2010

With a weak climate "agreement" coming out of Copenhagen, the campaign urges citizens to get to work in 2010—whether politicians are on board or not. Here's the latest message from the campaign.

After Copenhagen: How Can We Move Forward?

For all its complexity, the core of this problem can be stated simply enough: What kind of a climate transition would be fair enough to actually work?

End of the Long Summer

Video: Author Dianne Dumanoski explains why climate change is ultimately not a crisis for the earth, but a crisis for humans, and why we must find our way "through this thicket of uncertainty."

We're Not Done Yet

Copenhagen may have been an official failure, but for a new generation of climate activists, it was transformative.

Turning Back the Doomsday Clock

The clock has moved one minute away from midnight—the longstanding symbol for the end of civilization—signaling the possibility that "we are poised to bend the arc of history toward a world free of nuclear weapons."

The Power of Nonviolent Movements

Jonathan Schell, a leader of the anti-nuclear movement, offers motivation and tactical advice to the new generation of climate activists.

Reaping the Dividends of Reduced Emissions

California residents stand to gain a lot from the state's efforts to cap greenhouse gases: less pollution, greener infrastructure, and a yearly check in the mailbox.