The Story of Cap & Trade

Cap and trade is one of the main climate change "solutions" under discussion. In a new nine-minute film, Annie Leonard, creator of The Story of Stuff, offers a warning about what she considers the dangers of cap and trade.

How to Break the Climate Stalemate Between the Global South and the North

Rich and poor countries are in this together. If either fails to step up, the planet is in trouble. A climate deal must take into account the Global North’s responsibility for nearly 70 percent of greenhouse pollution and the Global South’s need to move out of poverty. The North must cut back sharply on emissions while the South leapfrogs over the industrial age to clean-energy prosperity.

Climate Solutions from South Africa, Kenya, and Bangladesh

In Copenhagen, the question of climate equity will be contentious. But communities in the Global South aren’t waiting for an international agreement. They are turning to sustainable, climate-friendly solutions to address a problem they did little to create, but must nonetheless help to solve.

Climate Hero Kumi Naidoo

Kumi Naidoo is building a global movement to force world leaders to adopt a binding agreement on climate change. He is executive director of Greenpeace International and chairs TckTckTck, a global campaign for climate action.