Climate Hero Sharon Hanshaw

Left homeless after Hurricane Katrina, she fights for communities that will suffer most from climate impacts.

A Wave of Climate Action

In the run-up to UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen, a powerful global movement for climate action is emerging.

Can We Reach 350?

As expectations for action in Copenhagen diminish, activists are raising their voices. Amy Goodman interviews Bill McKibben, co-founder and director of, and Australian scientist Tim Flannery, chair of the Copenhagen Climate Council and author of The Weather Makers.

350 :: The Most Important Number in the World

From Mt. Everest to the Maldives, people worldwide are turning an arcane number into a movement for a stable climate. Bill McKibben asks: Will you join them?

Students Stand Up to Coal

College students across the country are working to eject coal from their campuses and their communities.

Trade Your Job

The old apprenticeship model of learning by doing gets new life as people who’ve been left out of the job market train to meet the growing demand for green-collar workers.