Cry Wolf: An Unethical Oil Story

In an attempt to bolster caribou populations, Alberta is hunting wolves. But are they really the cause of the problem?
wolf by michael cutmore

Photo by Michael Cutmore


Continued extraction of oil from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada destroys caribou habitat. But instead of restraining a destructive industry and cleaning up the man-made (but profitable) mess it creates, wolves are being exterminated in an effort to save the caribou population. 

Will hunting down wolves solve the real problem? This short documentary, a "first report" from DeSmogBlog, investigates the politics of "ethical oil."  

  • Why developing the tarsands has been called "world's most destructive project."

  • Conservation photographer Garth Lenz’s exhibition seeks to show the impact of tar sands oil extraction.

  • Bill McKibben’s five rules of the road for reforming fossil fuel subsidies.
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