How to Save Bats in Your Own Backyard

Bats are mammals, shy creatures of the night, and fascinating to watch. They’re also endangered by loss of habitat, disease, and pesticide poisoning. You can help by providing protection.

Feedback from the Melting Arctic

NASA completed a cross-institutional study on rising methane levels in the Arctic. The results, we're afraid, do not look good.

A Last (Chemical) Gasp for Bees?

Colony collapse disorder threatens food crops valued at $15 billion a year. New research says farm chemicals put our food system at risk.

Rising Sea Levels: The View from a Canoe

Decades ago, the legendary journey of the open-ocean canoe Hokule‘a revealed secrets of Hawai‘i’s past and sparked pride in native culture. Now, a voyage around the world offers a new generation lessons about Earth’s uncertain future.

Free Your (Eco)Mind

This Earth Day, think like an ecosystem—and you just might save the world.

Farmers Go Wild

Going beyond organic, a new generation of farmers is nurturing nature as well as crops.

Vandana Shiva: Teachers for a Living World

While Ivy League schools marvel at India’s economic growth, Vandana Shiva’s University of the Seed looks to the earth—and Gandhi—for guidance.

Hope for Salmon as Dams Come Down

The destruction of two Washington State dams will restore depleted fisheries, create jobs, and maybe even change how we manage our rivers.

Farming With the Wild

Photo Essay: How agriculture and wildlands can both flourish—together.

Removing the Elwha Dam

Plans to restore the Elwha River on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state begin with the removal of a dam that's stood for almost a century.