Mining for Gold: A “Pact With the Devil”?

The economic crisis—and the rising price of gold—have spurred North American firms to reopen mines and attack environmental regulations. Here’s what we can learn from El Salvador’s moratorium on new mining permits.

A Walk to Heal the Tar Sands

Take an 8-mile trek with indigenous groups through one of the world's largest ecological dead zones, and you might find something lifegiving.

A Critical Mass for Real Food

The old logic of the slave plantation is still the logic of our industrial food system, 500 years in the making. There’s a new way of thinking taking off.

Paragliding Africa

How one photographer captured the continent from the sky—with a fan strapped to his back.

Cry Wolf: An Unethical Oil Story

In an attempt to bolster caribou populations, Alberta is hunting wolves. But are they really the cause of the problem?