What Will Climate Change Mean for Ethiopia's Coffee Crop?
by YES! online staff
Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London, have learned that climate change endangers Ethiopia's coffee crops. Here's what they're doing to make sure the plants will survive.
Mountain Grown: Appalachia's New Local Food Economy
by Erin L. McCoy
Hungry for okra, collards, and trout? In Appalachia, you can now get all your soul food cravings from local farmers.
"It's Unstoppable": Washington's GMO-Labeling Campaign Picks Up Where California's Left Off
by Erin Sagen
If Initiative 522 succeeds, it could push manufacturers nationwide to begin labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms.
“Renegade Gardener” Plots World Domination Through Home-Grown Veggies
by Katrina Rabeler
Ron Finley speaks to YES! about why “gardening is gangsta” and how he's getting city youth back in the dirt.
It Takes Time: Why Sustainable Farming Can’t Be Rushed
by Shannon Hayes
Maybe there’s something deeper to the stereotype of old-school farmers as plodding, slow-moving people.
Photo Essay: Vandana Shiva and the Future of Food
Our Seattle Town Hall was a great success! We're grateful for everyone who attended. Here are some pictures from the event.
How Two Plant Geeks Grew a Permaculture Oasis in an Ordinary Backyard
by Abby Quillen
In “Paradise Lot,” two residents of an inner city write about how they transformed less than an acre of their blighted yard into a thriving food forest full of mushrooms, gooseberries, silkworms, and more.
March Against Monsanto: Saturday’s Fight for Food Freedom Spreads to 36 Countries
by Ken Butigan
This weekend, people in 250 cities on 6 continents will march against meddling in the global food supply by Monsanto—the company that brought us Agent Orange, Dioxin, PCBs, and the bovine growth hormone.
The Farm Bill’s “Government Handouts”: Who Really Benefits?
by Shannon Hayes
There’s nothing like talk of “government handouts” to get people upset. But when it comes to farm bill, the real culprits might not be who you think they are.
Vermont Time Bankers Build a More Personal Economy
Video: Whatever service you might need, you’re likely to be able to get it at Onion River Time Bank, where you pay by doing what you love.
Big City Farmers Take to the Rooftops
by YES! online staff
Space is expensive in Brooklyn, so Gotham Greens built their urban farm on a rooftop.
Resources from The Food Project
by Jing Fong
The Food Project, based in the Boston area, focuses on sustainable agriculture and youth leadership, and graciously shares many of its manuals, activities, and curricula for free.
Look out Monsanto: The Global Food Movement Is Rising
by Daniel Moss
The book Harvesting Justice isn’t just a look at the world’s most exciting food justice groups—it’s also a knockout organizing tool.
Why the Most Powerful Thing in the World Is a Seed
by Abby Quillen
“The Seed Underground” is a love letter to the quiet revolutionaries who are saving our food heritage.
Behind the Kitchen Door: A Must-Read for Anyone Who Eats at Restaurants
by John Cavanagh, Robin Broad
Review: More than half of the nation’s worst-paid jobs are related to food. Saru Jayaraman’s new book dives into the explosive movement for better rights for those who plant, process, and cook the food we eat.