7 Ways to Cook Up a Sustainable Diet

Last year, Vicki Robin lived for a month eating only food from within a 10-mile radius. She’s back with tips for a planet-friendly diet.

Get Ready for No Impact Thursday: Energy

Replace kilowatts with ingenuity—explore no-energy alternatives to accomplish your daily tasks: Steps to prepare for Day 5 of No Impact Week on September 22nd.

YES! But How? Ditch the Fridge

It’s time for me to replace my refrigerator and I was wondering if I really need another as big as the last. I’d like to downsize or be rid of it altogether.

YES! But How? Composting Toilets

I’ve read that composting human waste is much more environmentally friendly than disposing of it in water-based sewage systems. Could I install a composting toilet in my home?

YES! Picks: Rocket Stoves

An alternative to traditional charcoal or gas grills, a rocket stove is a more sustainable method for outdoor cooking.

42 Ways to Not Make Trash

Taking what he learned from his experiment, No Impact Man Colin Beavan offers 42 tips to move toward a zero-waste lifestyle.