Kathy Blogs on No Impact Week

In Los Angeles, mother and teacher Kathy Kottaras takes on a second No Impact Week to find out where there's still room for change.

Denisse Blogs on No Impact Week

Denisse, a Nicaraguan researcher in Honduras, wants to see how far No Impact Week principles can go in the Global South.

Erin Blogs on No Impact Week

After leaving a simple life in an ashram in India, Erin's figuring out how to live responsibly—and joyfully—in a challenging place: home.

Rebecca Blogs on No Impact Week

Rebecca's an underemployed, single mother with a surplus of good humor and innovative spirit. She's tackling No Impact Week for the second time on a shoestring budget with two little girls.

Tamar Blogs on No Impact Week

No Impact Eco-leader and yoga instructor Tamar has tried the experiment five times already, but she still learns a lot from her fellow participants.

Christian Blogs on No Impact Week

Christian just moved from rural Kentucky to Brooklyn, New York, where low-impact living is harder than he thought.