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Trash Action: Takeout Flash Mob

It's possible to have waste-free takeout—you just have to ask.
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Click Here to see the YES! No Impact team in action!

At a recent office meeting about recycling and composting, the most asked-about items were takeout containers. What can be recycled? What can be composted? What has to be thrown in the garbage? Even in a small office, a lot of takeout containers have to be disposed of on a daily basis.

Our No Impact Week team brainstorming raised the question: Would it be possible to take reusable dishes to the restaurant to avoid the waste of takeout boxes?

It turns out a member of the YES! Magazine team, Derek Hoshiko, often borrows (and always returns) eat-in dishes for his take-out. The idea of a zero-waste “flash mob” was born.

As an action for No Impact Week, the YES! Magazine Dream Team met at lunchtime to descend on several local restaurants with the request to use our own plates instead of disposable cartons.The action was met with willingness, curiosity, and even a discount at one restaurant.

Alaya HarbinThousands of takeout containers are thrown away everyday. As the YES! team found out, it is possible to have waste-free takeout—you just have to ask!

-Ayla Harbin, Online Intern

Photos by Ayla Harbin.

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