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No Impact Week With YES!: September 2011

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It's on: The one-week carbon cleanse that could change the way you see the planet—and yourself. Join in on September 18th!

No Impact Week is an experimental carbon cleanse that challenges you to live a radically greener and more connected lifestyle—for just one week. Thousands of people participated with YES!—both individually and as groups—from September 18th-25th, 2011.

Conceived by Colin Beavan, who chronicled his own yearlong carbon cleanse in the book and film, No Impact Man, the experiment unites thousands of participants around the world as they take on day-by-day challenges like reducing consumption, eating locally, and connecting with their families and communities.

A day-by-day guide to
No Impact Week

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Sunday Consumption

Empty Target shopping carts

Sunday, September 18th

Wednesday Food

Girl eating fruit photo by Bruce Tuten

Wednesday, September 21st

Saturday Giving Back

Fingers hugging image by Ganesha Isis

Saturday, September 24th

Monday Trash

Paper Cup photo by Chris-Håvard Berge

Monday, September 19th

Thursday Energy
Candlelight photo by Dayvayen

Thursday, September 22nd

Moving Planet photo essay playbutton

Gearing Up for a
Global Day of Action

Tuesday Transportation

Jumping bikes photo by Katie Harris

Tuesday, September 20th


Friday Water

Boy with Water photo by Alex Yo

Friday, September 23rd

Soak up the benefits of life with less water.



Sunday eco sabbath

Boy in grass photo by Jason

Sunday, September 25th

Meet Our Bloggers:

Erin Collins

Erin Collins
Dubbo, Australia

Bruce Ding

Bruce Ding
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Kathy Kottaras

Kathy Kottaras
Los Angeles, California

James Edwards

James Edwards
Chicago, Illinois


Corbyn Hightower

Corbyn Hightower
Sacramento, California

Ta'Kaiya Blaney

Ta'Kaiya Blaney
British Columbia, Canada

Bunmi Ishola
Bunmi Ishola and the YES Preparatory School
Houston, Texas

Tamar Samir

Tamar Samir
New York City, New York

YES! Magazine Team

The YES! Magazine Team
Seattle Area, Washington

Mumbai Bicycle photo by Meena Kadri

The Green Mammas
Mumbai, India


John Rausch

Fr. John Rausch
Stanton, Kentucky

Denisse McLean

Denisse McLean
Valle del Yeguare, Honduras

Christian Honce

Christian Honce
Brooklyn, New York


Free Speech TV Team

The Free Speech TV Team
Denver, Colorado

Rebecca Rockefeller family

Rebecca Rockefeller
Bainbridge Island, Washington

YES! No Impact Week logo

What's New

Congratulations on completing No Impact Week!
The No Impact Diaries:

Christian Honce

  • Christian Honce: I've been capitulating all week about what I've done wrong, and I haven't stopped to think about what I've done right: learning to see things differently.
  • Erin Collins: Australian children are raised to be water-conscious, but right now the country is gaga over mining—including mining water.
  • Fr. John Rausch: I put a jar of orange water on the table, and people know that’s filled with iron, arsenic, and more, drawn from the neighborhood. I then ask—where do kids play? 


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Elizabeth Marcus

Elizabeth Marcus rolls out on Transportation Tuesday during January's No Impact Week with YES!


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