Climate Solutions from South Africa, Kenya, and Bangladesh

In Copenhagen, the question of climate equity will be contentious. But communities in the Global South aren’t waiting for an international agreement. They are turning to sustainable, climate-friendly solutions to address a problem they did little to create, but must nonetheless help to solve.

Climate Hero Kumi Naidoo

Kumi Naidoo is building a global movement to force world leaders to adopt a binding agreement on climate change. He is executive director of Greenpeace International and chairs TckTckTck, a global campaign for climate action.

The "Battle in Seattle" at 10

WTO+10: Did the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization actually make a difference?

My Exhibit ... In the Museum of Trash

To better understand his waste footprint, Dave Chameides stored all of his trash in his basement for a year. But what do you do with a year's worth of garbage? The Museum of Trash had the answer.