Live Free—Do It Yourself

As the powerful continue to lead toward war, poverty, and eco-shock, people around the world create enclaves of freedom and the seeds of a new era.

Live Earth - Jack Johnson performs

Musicians gathered at 7 locations worldwide on July 7, 2007. According to Al Gore, one of the event's organizers, the concerts marked 'the beginning of a three-year campaign worldwide to deliver information about how we solve the climate crisis.'

Yes Men :: Vivoleum

Yes Men take on Exxon Mobil, highlighting plans to turn climate change victims into a new type of fuel called Vivoleum.

Communities Take Power

The Citizens of Barnstead, New Hampshire, Used Local Law to Keep Corporate Giants Out of Their Water

Future Hope

Making History in Atlanta

From the Publisher :: Step Up to More Than Climate Change

The climate of public opinion is shifting rapidly. That shift opens new possibilities for policy and action that previously would have been thought out of reach. This is a great time for ideas big enough to match the scale of the problems.