a race to the top?

New European regulations may reduce toxic hazards around the globe

Detroit Renaissance

A new Detroit is being born, founded in urban farms, local businesses, green spaces, youth engagement, the arts, greenhouses, fresh foods.

Wild Abundant America

Born in Calcutta, India, Subhankar Banerjee fell in love with the wilderness of the American West. His dream, to photograph the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, came true when he made his way to Kaktovik, Alaska, in March 2001.

Turning Scarcity Into Abundance

Water has grown scarcer in India, as Green Revolution water-guzzling agriculture replaces traditional practices attuned to local water conditions and local needs. Now indigenous water conservation know-how is bringing back sufficiency—and even abundance

The Big Promise of the Small

Water projects have been some of the largest engineering feats of humankind. But these projects came at a price many now think was too high. Where do we turn for water solutions?

The Lake And the 'hood

A struggle to save a desert lake could have pitted bird lovers against city water consumers. Instead, a remarkable alliance was born between environmentalists, community activists, and East Los Angeles youth

A Watershed Runs Through You

When you see that it's the same water that falls as snow and rain, rushes down nearby rivers, passes your lips, brings back the salmon -- this is when you know your watershed.

A Canoe In Singing Waters

Not long ago, it seemed all wild streams would soon be dammed. Now, instead of mourning the death of America’s free-flowing rivers, communities are celebrating the resurrection of trout streams, canyons, rapids, and riffles