Recovery Act's Green Jobs: Weatherization in New York City


As part of the federal recovery act, $11.3 billion has been made available for weatherization and energy efficiency programs.

"People think it's cars, but actually, buildings and homes are the No. 1 emitters of greenhouse gases," says Billy Wimsatt of Green For All.

In Brooklyn, New York, the Community Environmental Center, a local nonprofit that provides weatherization services, has partnered with a local labor union and community workforce development group to create green jobs and weatherize local, low-income housing. Richard M. Cherry, president of CEC says such a program brings down heating bills for residents who suffer the most when heating costs increase, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As Tahlia Williams, a crew mechanic for the Community Environmental Center, explains that she wants to make a career out of weatherization: "I just feel good that even though it's small, I'm doing my part."

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