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Most Recent from YES! Magazine

The Prison Industry Goes Global
by Stephen Nathan
Corporations promote prision privatization around the world and may use the World Trade Organization to open new markets.
American Gulag
by Jerome G. Miller
Why does the "home of the free" lock up 2 million men, women, boys, and girls-most of them people of color?
On the Day the Children Marched On the Day the Children Marched
by Reginald Sinclair Lewis
Children protest the scheduled execution of Reggie Lewis and march against capital punishment. Poetry.
Song of the Land
by Philip M. Klasky
Mohave Creation Song cycle describes relation of the Mohave to their land and helps prevent Ward Valley from becoming a nuclear waste dump.
Street Ministers
by Michael Jonas
In 1990 Boston had 152 killings; in 1999, the number had fallen to 30, not one of them a juvenile. Boston's nationally acclaimed approach to stemming gang violence and youth crime is examined.
Genesee Peacemakers
by Sarah van Gelder
Involving victims in the criminal justice system can lead to healing, community empowerment, and fewer repeated offenses.
Readers' Forum
Reader comments on labeling laws GMO's, YES belly tattoo
White on Black, Black on White
by Carol Estes, Robert Jeffrey
Two perspectives on a talking circle about racism held following the WTO protests in Seattle.
War Games
by Carol Estes
the War on Drugs: the social cost of the drug war and the people in and out of the criminal justice system who are calling for an end to war.
Is It Time to Close the Prisons Discussion Guide
Have you, or has someone close to you, spent time in jail or prison? What was the experience like? How did it change you/them?
Conservation Measures
by Susan Callan
Eco-design resources for making a green workplace.
Youth Court: Jury of Their Peers Youth Court: Jury of Their Peers
by Edgar S. Cahn
The Time Dollar Youth Court in Washington, D.C. for first time juvenile offenders aims to keep first offenders from becoming hardened criminals.
YES! But How? :: Toxins and Pregnancy, Composting in the Cold YES! But How? :: Toxins and Pregnancy, Composting in the Cold
by Annie Berthold-Bond, Doug Pibel
Household Chemicals, Worm Bins, and Composting.
Our New Home
by Fran Korten
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures
indicators: Campaigning for Change, Anti-Globalization, New Tax Breaks, Steelworkers' Victory, Burma Law Overturned, Frankenfood & Lawn, Local Currency Loan
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