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What If We Shared?
by Sarah van Gelder
sharing tax revenues
When The Only Tool You Have Is a Hammer
by Sarah van Gelder
letter from the editor. The future the Balkan peoples, and the Balkan’s nature depends mainly on its citizens, on their decision to create, participate in, and support active movements, societies, and networks of cooperation and solidarity
Adding Up the Costs of Sprawl
by Tracy Rysavy
Monsanto and the Codes of Life Monsanto and the Codes of Life
by Tracy Rysavy
Frankenfood, terminator technology, genetic engineering, agriculture and Monsanto.
The Other Side of Freedom
by Vicki Robin
Is the freedom we have in the West to do as we please, to make enough money to distance ourselves from our families, to have fewer and fewer challenges to our comfort and our control over our lives, really freedom?
Resource Guide for Exuberant Cities
by Johanna Zetterberg, Mark Overbay
Resources for livable communities, walkable communities, and better public transport.
Stopping the Big Boxes
by Doug Pibel
stopping Wal-Mart
Bringing Streams To Light
by Mark Overbay
by Mark Overbay
"Smart Growth" - Why Now?
by Peter Newman
Dreams: The Making of Cities
by Peter Newman
"A city should be a place of exuberance and exaltation of the human spirit, a place for celebration and public 'happenings', for rich and easy encounter, for relaxation and enjoyment." E.R.Wickham
Against the Grain
by Peter Montague
genetic engineering, pesticides, USDA, sustainable agriculture, food security
PFN News: Ideas, Inspiration, Internships
by Fran Korten
Readers' Forum
One reader writes: The positive side of this transportation crisis? It’s as simple as riding a bike. . .
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