Making Peace: Healing a Violent World

This YES! book presents alternatives through stories told by some of the world's great thinkers and activists, including Joanna Macy, Jamal Rahman, Michael Nagler, and others.

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If you’ve ever wondered if peace is possible, this is the book for you. Making Peace: Healing a Violent World tells stories of:

  • practical alternatives to violence, hate, and domination.
  • an art to peace that is as sophisticated as the art of war.
  • things you can do to bring peace to your family and community.

People from across religious traditions, from war zones, prisons, and divorcing families tell stories of the practical art of peacemaking.

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Table of Contents



by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

Compassion: The Radicalism of this Age

by Michael Nagler

Keeping the Peace

by Eran Fraenkel & John Marks

Parenting Partnerships

by Tera Abelson & Greta Cowan

The Language of Nonviolence

An Interview with Marshall Rosenberg, by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

Through My Enemy’s Eyes

by Troy Chapman

Restorative Justice

by Tag Evers

Can Love Save the World?

by Walter Wink

The Heart of a Muslim

by Jamal Rahman

The Great Community of Earth

by Thomas Berry

The Failure of War

by Wendell Berry

In the Eyes of the World

by Walden Bello

Instead of Empire

by Michael Lerner, Phyllis Bennis, Frank Griswold, Marc Luyckx, Harlan Cleveland

What Happens to Your Heart

by David Morse

The Sound of Bombs Not Exploding

by Joanna Macy

Building a New Force

by Michael Nagler

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