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YES! Milestones
by Fran Korten
YES! Milestones
The Great Work Ahead
by David Korten
The great work challenges us to extend and deepen an awakening cultural consciousness that transforms institutional racism and corporate globalization through a politics of inclusion incorporating a spirit of joy and celebration.
by Andrew Kimbrell
As technology, economy, and culture merge, we transform life to fit the needs of technology rather than creating technologies appropriate to living organisms and ecosystems.
A Place In the Choir
by Carol Estes
Community choirs accross the US provide a place where people of all backgrounds and abilities can sing together.
Discussion Guide for Technology: Who Chooses?
This issue of YES! invites you to think more deeply about our collective relationship to technology. Is technology good or bad or morally neutral? Is technological progress inevitable, its direction determined by some force beyond our control? Or is it the result of a series of individual choices—and if so, who is making those choices? According to what criteria?
A Sustainable Energy Plan For the US
by Guy Dauncey
Examines the policies, technologies, and strategies that could lead the US and the world to a sustainable energy future.
Innayan* Just Don't Do It!
by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz
The culture and technologies of the Kankanaey-Igorot people include an agricultural system and community life that has sustained for many generations.
The Coming Hydrogen Economy
by Ty Cashman, Bret Logue
Explores the future of hydrogen fuel cells in transportation and the hydrogen-solar energy cycle as a successor to fossil fuel.
On Common Ground
by Grace Lee Boggs
Overview of the State of the Possible retreat sponsored by the Positive Futures Network, bringing together activists working for cultural, social, economic, and political change.
Mother Nature's School of Design
by Janine Benyus
By following designs in nature we can make things that will do what we need done without the harmful waste.
Book Review: No Logo
by Walden Bello
Walden Bello reviews Klein's book on the culture of brand capitalism and the rise of the anti-corporate globalization movement.
Radical Technologies
by Jill Bamburg
The role of the internet in decentralizing and empowering civil society movements
Resource Guide: Technology
Resource Guide for Technology: Who Chooses
Seattle: Kyoto Cool
by KC Golden
The Bush Administration may not like the Kyoto Protocol, but Seattle is doing all it can to cut down emissions.
Letter From David Korten
by David Korten
David Korten on terrorism, YES! A Journal of Positive Futures,