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Letter from the Editor
by Sarah van Gelder
We focus on the media in this issue of YES! because it is clear that democracy cannot function when diverse, critical perspectives are excluded from the public conversation, nor when entire populations are absent from or mischaracterized in the popular media.
YES! But How? :: Privacy, Slugs, Recycling Cards, and Glasses
Protecting privacy, nontoxic slug disposal, unwanted bulk mail, reusing greeting cards, and recycling old glasses
Media That Set Us Free Discussion Guide
Why in the midst of this information glut are we not getting the information we need? What does this mean for our democracy? More questions like these . . .
Dipping a Toe Into the Blogosphere
by Micah Sifry
Writing your own blog is easy.
Bill Moyers
by Bill Moyers
Some journalists are stubbornly pursuing the truth despite growing media monopolies, government secrecy, ideology, and public relations spin doctors—but it’s getting tougher
10 Steps to More Democratic Media
by Jeffrey Chester, Gary O. Larson
10 Steps to More Democratic Media
Media Uprising
by Josh Silver, Robert W. McChesney
Going to Where the Silence Is: Interview with Amy Goodman
by Carolyn McConnell
Interview with Amy Goodman, how she created Democracy Now
Resource Guide: Democratic Media
by Lisa Kundrat
Resources for More Democratic Media
The Lost Art of Dropping By
by Patrisia Gonzales
The Lost Art of Dropping By by Patrisia Gonzales - creating neighborliness.
Rehearsing with Gods
by Marc Estrin, Ronald T. Simon
Since the 1960s, Bread & Puppet Theater has come to life in urban street protests and remote farmlands, awakening in audiences a sense of wonder, solidarity, and a recollection of life’s essentials.
The Fragrance of Faith: the Enlightened Heart of Islam by Jamal Rahman
by Rabbi Ted Falcon
A book as important as Jamal Rahman's The Fragrance of Faith needs to be recommended with as much grace as possible for it contains precious reminders that the spiritual teachings of Islam are as filled with compassion as they can be.
The Balkan Journalist Dialogues
by Joanne M. Lisosky, Ph.D
Going Home
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
One tribe took a chance on inviting a coalition of native and non-native people to help them win back their ancient village site and the home of Chief Seattle.
Pranksters Sink the WTO
by Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, Bob Spunkmeyer
Pranksters (YES Men) impersonate WTO spokesmen and declare the demise of the World Trade Organization.