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YES! But How? :: Diesel Trucks, Soap V. Detergent
by Annie Berthold-Bond, Doug Pibel
Diesel trucks, Brown spots on skin, Dust Mites, Brass Cleaner, Soap vs Detergent, Moth ball odor, Stuff-free gifts, Annie Berthold, Ask Annie, household hints and helps
The New Solidarity
by Anthony S. Arch
the new solidarity, by Anthony S. Arch. Steelworkers and forest activists forge a new alliance.
Earth Charter
by Jan Roberts
A description of the Earth Charter document, a declaration of responsibility and interdependency.
indicators: Campaigning for Change, Anti-Globalization, New Tax Breaks, Steelworkers' Victory, Burma Law Overturned, Frankenfood & Lawn, Local Currency Loan
Peacemaking: a family affair
by James W. Zion
Peacemakers in the Navajo Nation can quickly get to the bottom of a situation that resulted in a crime.
The Page That Counts :: Fall 2000
Number of mosquitoes a pipistrelle bat eats on a warm summer night . . ., and more...
Book Review: Planet Dialectics by Wolfgang Sachs
by Misa Saros
In Planet Dialectics, Wolfgang Sachs repeatedly asks the nagging question: "Whose development and of what?"
Book Review - Ecology of a Cracker Childhhood by Janise Ray
by Daniel J. Martin
Navajo Justice
by The Honorable Robert Yazzie Chief Justice of the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation revises criminal code, reduces sentences, and requires peacemaking.
Seeds of Change: A Prison Garden Program
by Cathrine Sneed
Cathrine Sneed describes the development of the Horticulture Program for Inmates and the Garden Project employing former inmates.
How Ralph Nader Won
by Sam Smith
Dream of a Nader victory.
Cry Out: Women Behind Bars
by Christine Schoefer
Women inmates describe prison life and the impact of a support group that provides an emotional and creative outlet.
Learning To Choose
by Raymond Roy
Roy describes the development of a victim empathy class for prisoners in Oregon and it's impact on inmates.
Resource Guide: Reconciliation
Resources around restorative justice and reconciliation.
Reader Stories And Letters
Reader Stories and Letters in response the "Is It Time to Close the Prisons" Issue.