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Instead of More Coal Plants …
What’s the potential for carbon-free electricity production? How many coal plants could we replace if we turned to carbon-free renewables instead?
Pete Seeger: “YES! is my favorite magazine.”
Activist and folksinger Pete Seeger has been a YES! subscriber since 1997.
Signs of Life :: Story Index
Small Stories about Big Changes, in topic areas: Voting, U.S. Military, Media, Environment, and Human Rights
Who’s Responsible? 100 Years of CO2
Who’s Responsible for 100 Years of CO2: Our YES! Magazine Graphic gives Just the Facts on global warming and global equity.
Photo Essay :: Pete Seeger at Home
by Michael Bowman
This photo series by Michael Bowman for YES! Magazine shows folk-legend Pete Seeger at his home in Beacon, New York, overlooking the Hudson River, in December, 2007.
Earth Under Fire :: Photo Essay :5:
by Gary Braasch
Sustainable Appalachia: The Healing Harvest Forest Foundation
by Jason Rutledge
Over the past decade, a growing network of practitioners across Appalachia have chosen to live with horses in a utilitarian way. They are using horse power to practice “restorative forestry.”
Signs of Life :: Environment
by Margit Christenson
Two stories: Kenyans revive Lake Nakuru and flamingos have been returning, 2) World Bank and Kazakh government have helped the fourth largest lake in the world - the Aral Sea - begin to recover.
Climate Solutions :: About the Cover
by Channing Johnson
Our Spring 2008 issue cover: Bill McKibben near his home in Vermont. Photographed by Channing Johnson for YES! Magazine.
Quote Page :: Intolerable Beauty
by Chris Jordan
Photographs by Chris Jordan from his series, Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption.
The Story of Stuff: The Bigger Picture
by Jing Fong
Take a look at our YES! articles to support teaching with The Story of Stuff. Use these stories to get your students thinking and talking about the golden arrow of consumption, our identity as consumers, the purpose of an economy, what makes us happy, globalization, and what a just and sustainable world could look like.
Erica Fernandez :: Brower Youth Awards
16 year-old Erica Fernandez received a 2007 Brower Youth award for her campaign to stop the building of a liquefied natural gas plant.
The Story of Stuff :: Chapter 7 :: Another Way
by Annie Leonard
The Story of Stuff :: Chapter 6 :: Disposal
by Annie Leonard
The Story of Stuff :: Chapter 5 :: Consumption
by Annie Leonard