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People We Love :: Chris Goodman
by Kim Nochi
In defense of a good education.
Readers Forum
Letters from readers from the Spring 2009 Food for Everyone issue of YES! Magazine.
Sherman Alexie, How Do You Dare to Tell the Truth?
by Heather Purser
A young native writer’s ambush interview with Sherman Alexie throws her into a whirlpool of unanswerable questions about tribal loyalty, silence, and healing.
Vandana Shiva on Gandhi for Today’s World
by David Barsamian, Vandana Shiva
Some say terrorism makes Gandhi irrelevant. Vandana Shiva, farmer, seed saver, and global justice activist, says we need him more than ever.
Age-Old Wisdom for the New Economy
by Sarah van Gelder, Rebecca Adamson
Indigenous peoples have learned a few things about making it through hard times. Rebecca Adamson discusses what traditional economies did to foster abundance, sharing, and harmony with Mother Earth.
How Banks Make Money
by Doug Pibel
Infographic: How to create money out of thin air.
Money from Nothing
by James Robertson
Supplying money should be a public service, not a cash cow for banks.
Thrift and Shift: 2 Ways to Prioritize the Economy
by Alisa Gravitz
A different recipe is needed-with fresh priorities: let’s make things that last, and shift to a new green engine, that provides well-being for all.
The New Economy Starts Now
by Sarah van Gelder
The new economy is about increasing quality of life, improving health, and restoring the environment.
3 Ways to Invest in Your Community
by Jeff Golden
Jeff Golden suggests ways you can revive the old classic: community investment.
New Economy, New Ways to Do Money
In the new economy there are better ways to get money circulating. Here are examples that are already working in several communities.
Featured Partners
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Visual Learning: Salt of the Earth
by Lilja Otto
This Visual Learning Lesson will get your students thinking about the dilemmas of poor countries with rich natural resources.
Connect and Engage: Teaching about Today's Economy
by Jing Fong
Here are lessons plans and curriculum to help your students better understand the cause and effects of the current housing upheaval, the concepts of work (what kind of work is paid?) and workplace, and definitions of wealth.
Marshmallows and Gratification
A TED talk by Joachim de Posada.