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Beyond Campaign Finance Reform And More
by Charlie Cray
People across the country aren't waiting for action from politicians and judges. Here are the hot spots where activists are getting corporations out of government and elections.
Common Knowledge
by Jeff Kaplan
Whether the issue is water rights, big-box stores, meddling in local politics, or the taking of citizen's lands, almost every community in the United States - if not the world - is being harmed by excessive corporate power. Strategies of resistance need to invoke the people's right to exercise democratic power over corporations and governments.
Democracy Unlimited
by Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
In Arcata, California, and the rest of Humboldt County, non-local corporations are banned from politics.
Communities Take Power
by Doug Pibel
Communities across the country are declaring citizens' right and duty to protect their water, land, local economy, and way of life, even if it means taking on the enormous power of corporations. Here are some of the peaceful revolutionaries who have stepped up.
Who Will Rule?
by Michael Marx, Marjorie Kelly
Big corporation have become de facto governments, and the ethic that dominates corporations has come to dominate society. But, citizen movements are proving that we can take on corporate power, and together build a future that works for all life. This article gives hope on how to change the current corporate rule to citizen rule.
We the People, Rising
by Sarah van Gelder
Sarah van Gelder introduces the "Stand Up to Corporate Power" Issue. Corporate power has expanded in the media, health care, prisons, schools, war, disaster relief and on and on. We need to challenge excess corporate power.
Theme Guide :: Corporations
Why try to fight? Corporations have the money and the power. That’s what we’re told. But people across the country are standing up to corporations. If we join forces, we can claim the power that rightly belongs to us.
Poetry by Wendell Berry
Poetry by Wendell Berry - The Wild Geese
My Year of Eating Local: Zucchini Wars
by Barbara Kingsolver
In an excerpt from the book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", Barbara Kingsolver writes of the challenges of dealing with growing zucchini.
Mapa del Progreso
by Catherine Bailey, Sarah Kuck
Los líderes latinoamericanos fortalezen la democracia; movimientos sociales representando a pueblos indígenas, los sin tierra, trabajadoras y trabajadores desempleados, entre otros, ganan fuerza en su lucha por la justicia.
5 maneras para NO viajar como turista
by Lisa Gale Garrigues
¿Así que estás lista o listo para explorar Latinoamérica? Algunos consejos sobre cómo ir y quién puede ayudar.
Guía de Conversación
by Catherine Bailey, Zach Kyle
Una mirada hacia Latinoamérica puede recordar gentilmente a los Estados Unidos que la función de una democracia es, después de todo, cuidar de la gente. ¿Qué podemos aprender del progreso de Latinoamérica? ¿Qué podemos aplicar, si fuera posible, a nuestra propia sociedad?
Reconstrucción insurgente en Nueva Orleans
by Greg Palast
Mostrándole a FEMA una o dos cosas acerca de la reconstrucción de comunidades... La organización Common Ground se hace cargo.
Healing Art of Gesundheit
The Gesundheit! facility promotes healing through laughter and happiness.
Healing Art of Paying
Artists who offer their services to decorate the Woodhull Medical Center are offered credits that they can trade for health care services.